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How do I stop sharing my health data with Quin?
How do I stop sharing my health data with Quin?
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Your health data in the app is always stored locally on your phone by default. If you have also opted in to sharing your health data with Quin, we use that data to ensure your safety, progress research into diabetes and evaluate the risks and benefits of the app.

Your health data is stored separately from any identifiable data, like your name and email address. However, in order to meet the regulatory standards for medical devices, we are required to be able to link back your health outcomes to usage of the app. Therefore, Quin and our clinical advisory team have the ability to join your identifiable data and health data from the app together to evaluate the safety, risks and benefits of the app. For further information, please read our Privacy Policy.

If you would like to stop sharing your data with Quin, you can remove permission under the Apple Settings and toggle off the 'Allow data to be shared' option. This will delete any health data stored with Quin. The health data on your phone will remain and not be affected and you can continue to use the app as normal.

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