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What are Correction Decisions?
What are Correction Decisions?
Support for deciding how much insulin to dose for high blood sugars
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When deciding how much insulin to take, it can be useful to review what you've done previously in situations similar to now. When you press the Correction button, you can use Quin to help you with making correction decisions right when you need to make that decision.

By choosing the 'Decide how much insulin to take' option, Quin will find three times you have previously taken correction doses that are similar to you right now - like the same blood sugar reading and the same time of day.

Quin will show you:

  • how much insulin you took for the correction dose

  • what your blood sugar was doing an hour before the dose

  • what happened to your blood sugar for five hours after the dose

  • what other actions were also having an effect on your blood sugar

You can use this information to help you decide how much insulin to take this time - and maybe even decide you don't need to take insulin right now!

You can also set a reminder to check your blood sugar to see if things are going to plan or just to see what is happening.

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