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How do I record activity in Quin?
How do I record activity in Quin?
What type of activity can I record?
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Activity in Quin is more than just exercise - any activity has the potential to have an impact on your body which can affect your blood sugar, and every person with diabetes will be affected differently by different activities.

Quin helps you by showing you how your blood sugar reacts to your activities so you can understand how to incorporate your activity in your diabetes decision making. We know recording all your activity can be a lot of work so, instead, first record the activity that you think affects your blood sugar most whenever you do that activity. Once you learn how that activity affects you, you can move onto recording the next activity!

To add an activity that you have already done in Quin:

  • Press the + button

  • Press Activity

  • Select from an existing activity or type in a new activity

  • Enter when you started the activity

  • Enter when you finished the activity

That's it! The activity record will appear in the Timeline. To see how the activity affected your blood sugar, press on the activity record in the Timeline.

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