You can change your insulin in the app by tapping on the cog in the top right of the What's Ahead screen. This will open up the settings page with an option to change your selected insulins.

Tap to either select new or deselect old insulins, and then tap Continue. You will be prompted with a confirmation message along with details of what will change or be removed in the app. After confirming, your new insulins will be configured and you will be prompted with information about your new insulins and how they work in the app.

Some elements of the app are reset when you change your selected insulins. Details of what will change in the app and why:

  • Background routine - if you change your background insulin, your previous routine for your old insulin is no longer relevant. We reset the routine so you will need to enter your new routine in the app.

  • Blood sugar graph - when you change insulins, this is likely to have an effect on your blood sugar going forwards. Your past blood sugar is therefore less relevant and to keep you safe, we don't show you information that might no longer be relevant. The graph will reset and you will need 10 days of blood sugar readings with your new insulins so the app can learn about your new insulin situation.

  • Planned food and insulin - any planned food or insulin may no longer be relevant if you are changing your insulins. In this scenario, we remove the planned events so you are not prompted with outdated information regarding previous plans.

  • What have I done in the past? - as with the blood sugar graph, your past is less relevant after changing insulins. We therefore hide your past experiences from the 'What have I done in the past?' button and will start collecting your new experiences from as soon as your change your insulin onwards.

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