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How do I find what I dosed before for a meal?
How do I find what I dosed before for a meal?
What are past experiences in Quin?
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When recording a meal or snack, you have the option to see what actions you have taken previously for the food you are planning. This will show you what your starting blood sugar range was, when during the day you ate the food, what you dosed, the timing of the dose relative to the food, whether you ate anything else at the same time, and if you needed a correction dose or hypo treatment afterwards.

Tap on the 'What have I done in the past?' button after selecting the main food you will be eating for your meal or snack to see your three most recent experiences for the food. Your past experiences and actions are shown as:

  • Blood sugar range in yellow, if available in Apple Health (manual blood sugar recording is coming soon)

  • Time of day on the right - morning, afternoon, evening, night

  • Insulin taken for food in light blue

  • Correction doses in dark blue

  • Meals and snacks in green

  • Hypo treatments in orange

  • Time between the action and searched for food action on the right

Pressing 'Select and edit' will take the actions from the past experience and create entries based on your past experience using the same timings and amounts relative to the first food you added.

You can edit any action in the summary screen to make it relevant for you now by pressing on the action row, and editing any details you want to change and clicking update.

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