The Meal / Snack flow in the Quin app allows you to record meals and snacks and any associated insulin taken for them in one simple flow.

You can record in the past, present or plan for the future when entering meal and insulin timing. You will be reminded with a notification when a future action is due and asked to confirm the action, which you can do with one tap.

To record a meal or snack:

  1. Press the + button and press 'Meal / Snack'

  2. Type to search or add a new meal or snack

  3. Select the option for the meal or snack from the list

  4. Set a portion size and optionally add your personal carb range for that portion size for that meal or snack

  5. Press 'Add portion'

  6. If you want to add a second meal or snack, you can do so by following steps 2 to 5. The Quin app works best when you record a meal as a whole rather than individual ingredients.

  7. Press 'Add foods' when all meals and snacks are added

  8. Enter a time for when you are eating your meal or snack and press Add time

  9. Enter the amount of rapid acting insulin units you will be taking for this meal and the time you are taking the dose and press 'Add insulin'. If you are not taking insulin for this meal, press 'Skip' in the top right.

  10. Review the list of food and insulin actions you are about to record. If there is a long list, the list will not show all actions on screen but will scroll down for the remainder.

  11. Press 'Record food and insulin' to record

That's it! The What's Ahead screen will display any food and insulin now active in your body along with the strength and phases of the insulin at the appropriate times.

If you record into the past or the future and the food or insulin is not currently active in your body, the records will be visible on the Timeline.

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