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How do I create a background routine?
How do I create a background routine?
Be reminded about long-acting insulin doses and record quicker
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Creating a background routine is quick and will remove the need for you to remember when to take your background insulin each day. It will also save you time in recording when you take it so you spend less time in the Quin app but still have the record of having taken your dose!

You can create a routine in 5 easy steps:

  1. Press the + button and press 'Background'

  2. Press 'Create routine'

  3. Select how many background injections you take each day

  4. For each injection, enter the number of units you take and the time you take it

  5. Press 'Create routine'

That's it! Quin will remember your routine and send you a notification when you are due to take your background insulin. If you press on the notification, you'll be able to record your background dose with one press. For help with that, read the How do I confirm a background dose? article.

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