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Updating from an unsupported version
Updating from an unsupported version
Why is older data removed from unsupported versions?
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As part of our ongoing commitment to the safety of our users, we take extra precautions with older versions of our app. This requires us to remove support for versions which are multiple major versions behind the current version.

We believe this will affect a tiny minority of our users as Apple automatically updates the app to the latest version by default and clear update messages are provided to those users who choose to update manually in advance of support being removed.

If you have disabled automatic app updates and open the app after having not used the app for many months, you will be informed that the version is no longer supported.

You can still update the app to the latest version through the Apple App Store but your previous Quin app data will be removed and you will see the message below:

We remove old data for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the data becomes less relevant over time to your current life. We cannot and should not make assumptions from outdated data. We and our clinical advisers do not believe this is safe or appropriate.

Secondly, the app may have moved forward significantly since the unsupported version and your data may no longer be relevant to the features now provided.

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