The What’s Ahead graph is based on the blood sugar readings you share with Quin through Apple Health. We require a certain number of readings in order to produce the graph. This essentially requires a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to achieve the required number of readings. Users without enough blood sugar readings instead see a flat timeline feature.

The phases and duration of food have been chosen as an average 2 hours after discussions with our Clinical Advisory Board. As the science around how each food affects blood sugar is uncertain, we have agreed to display the 2 hour average based on a generalised processing of food through the body.

The insulin information phases and durations are derived from the scientific information provided by the manufacturers of the insulins. Below is a list showing the the sources we have used for insulin notifications and visualisations in the app:

Identifier: insulin-degludec-u100

Name (UK): Tresiba

Identifier: Insulin-glargine-u300

Name (UK): Toujeo

Identifier: Insulin-glargine-u100

Name (UK): Lantus


Identifier: Insulin-glargine-u100-basalgar

Name (UK): Abasaglar

Identifier: Insulin-detemir-u100

Name (UK): Levemir

Identifier: Insulin-aspart-u100

Name (UK): NovoRapid

Identifier: Insulin-aspart-u100-nicotinamide (Fiasp)

Name (UK): Fiasp

Identifier: Insulin-lispro-u100

Name (UK): Humalog

Identifier: Insulin-glulisine-u100 (Apidra)

Name (UK): Apidra

Quin does not replace informed judgement, clinical advice nor structured education regarding the use and self-adjustment of insulin.

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