Who can use Quin?
Why can't I use Quin?
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Quin is intended to be used by adults with insulin-treated diabetes, not using an insulin pump, who don’t take any other blood glucose-lowering medication and live in the UK or the USA.

Quin is a regulated medical device and therefore, in order to maintain the safety of potential users, we restrict access to the app if we believe that the features currently may not be suitable or safe for you. This includes if you are:

  • Using an insulin pump

  • Using an insulin brand not currently supported in app

  • Using blood glucose medication other than insulin, e.g. Metformin

  • Being under 18 years old

We are working hard to make the app available to more people with diabetes. If you see the 'Coming Soon' screen, you can provide us with your email address and we will contact you when the app can support you in future.

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