We believe that “diabetes” is just an umbrella term for a range of different conditions that affect the endocrine system. They all have the same result - of high blood glucose  - but they probably have many different causes. 

Rather than assuming everyone has “type 1 diabetes”, our research is predicated on the idea that there are probably many more “types” than current scientific thinking is aware of (or even looking for). 

We aim to unlock research to develop new categorisations, so that people living with them can be offered personalised treatment specific to their body’s experience of diabetes. We believe that the experiences of people living with diabetes are fundamental to generating breakthroughs in diabetes science. 

Everyone is different, and even if only in small ways, these differences mean a “one size fits all” approach to treatment will always have limited success. 

Our research draws on the individual experience of each of our users to find new ways of conceptualising, investigating and, eventually, treating diabetes. We believe that the best person to tell you how to treat yourself is…you. You are the expert in your own body. You’ve been doing this for years already. 

All Quin does is find your best bits and show them to you when you need them. 

Our research algorithms are working away in the background learning from the best decisions you’ve made in the past and figuring out which ones are right for you now. So when you have to make a treatment decision that you’re unsure of, Quin can help you make that choice.

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