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How do I connect my Dexcom?
How do I connect my Dexcom?
How do I make my Dexcom work with Quin?
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First, make sure your Dexcom is sharing glucose data with Apple Health:

Then, make sure that you’ve given Quin permission to access data from Apple Health.

  1. Go to the Apple Health app

  2. Tap Browse on the bottom bar

  3. Tap on Vitals (you may need to scroll down to get to it)

  4. Tap on Blood Glucose

  5. Tap on Data Sources and Access (you will need to scroll down to get to it)

  6. Ensure that Quin has read access using the toggle.

The below video covers these steps:

Quin requires at least 10 days of data to confidently be able to show the graph. If you are new to your CGM or have taken a break in the last month, the graph will show as soon as you have enough blood sugar data. No need to do anything more, the graph will pop up as soon as it's available. We are working on improving the in app messaging to let you know how many days remaining there are!

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